E China Women's Federation Dedicates to Improving Local Lives

December 26, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

The women's federation in Zongyang County, east China's Anhui Province, has come up with many precise measures to lift local females out of poverty and further rural revitalization over the past several years, according to officials.

Zongyang is located in the Dabieshan Mountain region, where there used to be 65 villages classified as impoverished, with 75,800 people whose living standards were below national poverty line.

Zongyang Women's Federation (ZWF) has closely followed the decisions and arrangements made by local government concerning poverty reduction,and intensified its efforts to assist female compatriots in the improvement of their lives through a range of ways and means, including financial aid, poultry breeding, a free medical screening initiative and associated vocational training.

Liu Qin, a young woman, is one of the hundreds of beneficiaries of the federation's multiple means of assistance.

Liu used to work in Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zhejiang Province, before she returned and started her own chicken-raising business venture in 2012.

Under the assistance of ZWF, she weathered through the bird flu epidemic, attended professional training on e-commerce, enlarged the scale and market of her operation, and led many neighbors to jointly become prosperous in the process.

ZWF has helped local rural women get financial aid worth over 6 billion yuan under the micro-credit loans program. Moreover, they have distributed nearly 4 million yuan from municipal and county budgets, set up 20 demonstrative employment bases, and assisted over 2,200 people find work.

Meanwhile, the federation has sponsored a collection of training sessions focused on e-commerce, housekeeping services, and the cultivation of crops and poultry, in a move to inspire more target women become self-employed and increase their vocational competence.

Moreover, many female government employees at the grassroots level have grown into role models in the poverty eradication campaign.

For example, Tang Laxiang, 55, is president of the women's federation at Qinjian Village. Under her influence, a dozen of poverty-hit households have been relevant in raising chickens and selling high-quality eggs to the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing via online platforms.

As of now, almost everyone in the county has successfully shaken off poverty and 65 places have basically met the standards, thus striking them from the list of poverty-stricken villages and striving to thrive on and achieve the goal of common prosperity.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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