Chinese People Strive for a Better New Era

March 16, 2018  Editor: Chen Caixia

As 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up policy, Xinhua news agency invited three female representatives to share their heartfelt thoughts on creating a blueprint of the new era.

Facing a complex environment both at home and abroad, the Chinese people have faced an unyielding struggle for self-betterment and opened up a path for realizing the great leap forward from "keeping up to date" to "leading the times".

Today, the Chinese people are closer than ever to realizing the goal of national rejuvenation, and more confident and able than ever to realize this goal. Every Chinese is indispensable for the nation to ride the winds and break the waves and everyone should build their dreams in the new era.

Solid Times: Xue Yufeng

Xue Yufeng, Party branch secretary from Dongmen community, Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, southeast China's Fujian province, helped establish a service center for the convenience of local people.

"Residents apply for senior citizen ID through a mobile app, then network workers deal with the permits and certificates after verifying related information. It is convenient, efficient and needs no queue," said Xue.

She added, "We always heard people's complaints about the trivial and multifarious procedures. Some office workers have no choice but to ask for leave to get things done during handling time. At present, our center can help handle regular affairs like health insurance, social security and housing funds with less materials and streamlined procedures online at any time."

New Era Belongs to Fighters: Ma Huijuan

Ma Huijuan, a farmer and writer from Yuchi village, Wuzhong city in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is good at getting inspiration from her surrounding people and environment.

"Our village head set up a mechanized account to make village affairs more transparent and prevent officials to make arbitrary decisions or keep secrets," said Ma.

Ma further introduced, "We publicize the results of conferences organized by village committee, local Party branch and the village Party congress. 
“Our village recently also saw upgraded roads, solar street lamps and field ditches. We are more motivated to study and learn the basics of wolfberry planting and animal epidemic prevention during slack seasons."

Walk Ahead of Times: Zheng Xilan

Zheng Xilan, chief justice of an intermediate people's court from Hengshui city, north China's Hebei province, devotes herself to offering legal consultations and helping solve local disputes.

Once, contradictions about village land transfer and orchard contracts became increasingly fierce, which prevented the village committee from taking back expired lands.

Zheng united leaders from justice offices and village officials to walk in fields and see the boundaries.

They recommended to evaluate the fast growing poplars and fruit trees on the contracted land through price control authorities and undertake a public bidding process.

On the other hand, they explained the related laws to contractors and notified them that they could receive compensation for the damage.

At last, all contractors agreed to hand out the expired land and participated in the public bidding, which was greatly helpful to village’s stability and security.

(Source: People's Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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