National March 8th Red-Banner Winners Visit CWU

May 20, 2017  Editor: Candy Liao


National March 8th Red-Banner Award winners from various industries visited China Women's University (CWU) on May 4 and gave several lectures. 

Li Mingshun, Chairperson of CWU Council, participated in the event and delivered a speech. CWU President Liu Liqun; Xue Xiaoli, director of the Family Affairs Office of the Publicity Department of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), Chen Weihua, director of ACWF's Press Office; Li Yanling, deputy director of ACWF's Family Affairs Office; and Zhang Hui, an investigator from the ACWF participated in the event.



China Radio International and 5 other media firms attended the meeting, along with some 160 teachers and students from different departments and schools.

Organizers played the publicity film of the 2017 March 8th Red-Banner Award winners at the meeting. Li Mingshun urged students to study and carry forward the noble qualities of the heroines, adhere to CWU's motto of Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Self-support and Self-improvement, consciously take the responsibility of promoting women's development and keep pace with the times.



Students should also build up their sense of responsibility as masters of the country and their confidence in overcoming difficulties, carry forward traditional Chinese culture and the pioneers' spirit, as well as, listen to the stories of heroines and carry out the power of example.

Li also encouraged all students to learn from outstanding role models and make endeavors to fulfill their dreams with firm determination.



Ju Ping, a famous host from China Central Television (CCTV) Children's Channel, said, "I feel honored to accompany generations of children to grow up. The past 32 years' have led me to win many accolades."

From a host to a producer, Ju has been widely praised and welcomed by hundreds of millions of youngsters across the country. In recent years, she started to turn her sights on charity, playing an active role in developing programs to benefit disadvantaged children living in different regions.



Under her influence, more and more people have begun to pay attention to caring for such children's growth. "I will try my utmost as usual to continue creating high-quality programs for children in the future", Ju added.

Yan Jinxiu, deputy general-manager and researcher of the China Railway Academy, told the students at the event to exert their advantages in work while making the best of their time and improving their learning efficiency.



As a woman who has obtained outstanding achievements in the male-orientated tunneling industry, Yan has broken the mold and gained huge influence at home and abroad for her excellence.

Last year, Yan was appointed as vice-present of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association, becoming the first Chinese woman to hold such a post. Thanks to her many years' diligence and perseverance, she has led her team to carry out foreign tunneling projects one after another, continuously helping Chinese tunnel engineering technology expand its international influence.



Gao Xiaohong, president of the Academy of TV and Journalism of the Communication University of China, has devoted herself to studying the theories and practices of communication and researching television program production. Themed on "Both In and Out of the Classroom, Imparting Knowledge and Educating People", Gao shared her experiences in training talents in journalism and communication.

It is significant for students to shape their personalities at the university. Time has proved that the first step for a successful person is that she or he should have a fine personality, Gao added.



As a teacher, she has cultivated many students who have won prestigious awards such as the China News Award and the Yangtze River Taofen Award. "I always feel pride and joy serving as a teacher," Gao claimed.

During the interactive session, the Red Banner winners answered students' questions in their process of growth. From the perspective of women, the speakers shared their personal experiences and career life stories, hoping that learners could make persistent efforts to pursue their dreams.



After the seminar, Li Mingshun led all the guests to visit the Women and Gender Library and CWU's History Exhibition Hall.

The event was co-sponsored by the ACWF and CWU. Directors from CWU's General Office, Publicity Department, Student Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, Modern Educational Technology Center, the Security Department and the School of Culture and Communication attended the gathering. 



(Source: China Women's University/Translated and Edited by Gender Study Network)

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