Women's Federation Pushes New Parenting Education in E China

August 1, 2017  By Liu Xu  Editor: Sherry Song

The women's federation in Pingxiang City, southeast China's Jiangxi Province, has conducted regular family education activities since 2016, helping many parents deal with issues surrounding raising children.

As an essential project of local educational work, the federation has integrated the core Socialist values into its various courses.

The federation's workers have carried out education on patriotism, honesty, lawand psychological health among parents and children, and proposed the study of good family virtues, which are designed to guide people to set up correct values and form a service system of moral education, according to officials.

In addition, around 90 percent of communities in local cities have installed parenting schools and 11 schools were named as practice bases of communities' parenting education.

As for rural citizens, the federation has cooperated with over 700 Women and Child's Home centers across the city and set up an educational platform on the Internet, providing online classes to villagers. Parents can choose courses depending on their real needs.

Speaking of the project's quality and operation, the federation has always been dedicated to promoting teachers' theoretical research level and strengthening their guidance and service level. At present, the family education project possesses a thorough mechanism of management, cooperation, security and evaluation.

The federation's officers also stated that the activity has become popular due to its wide coverage across the region, provision of experienced lecturers and pertinent teaching contents, which have provided parents with scientific concepts.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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