E-Commerce Platform Boosts Grain Sales in NE China

September 26, 2017  By Women Voice  Editor: Rong Chen
E-Commerce Platform Boosts Grain Sales in NE China
Wang He [zjnews.zjol.com.cn]


Wang He, 34, has a deep affection for her hometown — Taonan City in northeast China's Jilin Province. Her nostalgia inspired her to return home from northern city of Tianjin after her college years and start a business there.

Along with eight partners, in 2014 Wang founded a cooperative in order to sell high-quality local agricultural products such as grains, coarse cereals and beans.

To improve the quality and quantities, Wang led her staff team to instruct local farmers about cultivating grains in a scientific way.

Such products won over consumers with their first appearance in 2015 in the 4th Food Expo, held in the city of Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, Wang recalled.

Later, Wang introduced the high-end agricultural products into retail stores in Shanghai. A bag of mung beans weighing 300 grams can sell at the price of over 40 yuan (U.S.$ 6), she said.

The distinctive brand has so far created nearly 500 jobs and boosted many modernized food processing workshops in Taonan, further attracting over 30 college graduates to launch their entrepreneurship schemes like Wang's in the city as well.

A total of 53 farming households have joined the cooperative and their incomes have largely increased.

Parallel with her rising business, Wang cast an eye upon local charity events — for example, assisting 22 students from disadvantaged households in her hometown ahead of the Spring Festival last year.

"I want to stay true to my mission in revitalizing the economy and promoting charity initiatives in my hometown," Wang said.

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