Inner Mongolian Woman Spends Whole Life Helping the Needy

November 20, 2015  Editor: Mable Wang
Inner Mongolian Woman Spends Whole Life Helping the Needy

The then 38-year-old Mide Gema (R), also director of the local women's congress, offers food to Geri Buhe, 74, who she took into her care. [File photo/Hulunbeir Daily/Ma Xiaodong]

Mide Gema, a woman from the Mongolian minority group has adopted and brought up eight children on behalf of her poverty-stricken relatives and friends during a lifetime spent selflessly helping those around her.

In addition, the 46-year-old has also looked after five elderly people, and sought medical assistance for four of the adopted children in her care as well as further elderly people who were suffering from serious illness and disabilities.

Mide Gema settled down into married life in 1989. Back then, her and her husband's possessions amounted to a little over 60 sheep, and they both had to live on a slender income.

Her older sister lived an even harder life, with four children to raise. After consulting with her husband, she took on the care of two of her nephews, aged 4 and 5 respectively at that time, and brought them into her home.

By 1994, she and her husband possessed more than 100 livestock because of their diligence and assiduity and they had three children of their own.

She adopted three further kids from her childhood neighbor Uyunqimg—two with tuberculosis and one with mental difficulties. She also took considerate care of the adopted children's mentally retarded father, Bude.

Since then, her husband led Bude to shepherd the herds and she worked hard at home to bring up the eight youngsters. She made dairy products and twisted wool to make ends meet. She lived such a life until 2000 by which time she had more than 1,000 sheep. During those years, she accompanied the children with maternal love and sent them for proper medical treatment.

In 2002, her and her family took in an incapacitated herdsman and his 68-year-old mother as well as two more children. They have lived together ever since.

In recognition of her selfless love and deeds, Mide Gema recently won the honorary title of National Model Worker; she was also named as one of the Hundred Excellent Mothers of China and a Moral Model of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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