Online Finance Industry Sees Rise in Female Managers: Report

June 29, 2016  Editor: Sherry Song

Global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman recently released a report about the status of female leaders in the financial services industry, indicating that women account for 50 percent of senior managers in China's top 20 companies in Internet Finance.

Many respondents stated that they felt optimistic about the results and believed that women have promising career prospects in the field.

Pan Jing, chief marketing officer of online finance website, said, "The Internet has become the main driving force to promote investments in the financial industry, bringing more opportunities to women who have excellent managerial skills."

Huang Shuang, general manager of related company, stated that women have better performance in communicating and management compared to men, which would further reflect well on their chosen occupation.

In an analysis of the result, the report says that the "one-child" policy made a large contribution to providing women with an equal chance to get an education, and those born at the initial stages when the policy was introduced, are now well-placed to become senior managers.

In addition, the report points out that with the growing demand for talents, the number of qualified female talents is also increasing. The gender parity index of China's higher education reached 1.14 in 2013, an increase of 0.62 compared to 1994, according to the previous data from the World Bank.

Although more women have recently participated in developing the economy, they still face lots of challenges, not least in keeping a balance between career and family.

Some interviewees expressed their worries about the recent release of the "two-child" policy. Pan said, "More women will give up their career and become full-time mothers in the future. This could challenge the achievements women have made in eliminating gender discrimination in work places."

Faced with the new circumstances, many respondents stressed that companies should be aware of female's strong working abilities. They also encouraged companies to change their attitude towards women and provide instructions to female employees through a tutorial system that invites female leaders to inspire younger women via their own experiences, and organize special teams to spread the idea of gender equality and support women.

"We have to admit that women are experiencing a more equal working environment, but this group of people are still likely to face more verbal abuse, especially in traditional financial services. As female leaders, we want to arouse people's awareness of gender equality and become solid supporters of female employees, trying to build a friendly working environment for them," said Pan.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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