Survey: Chinese Audiences Willing to Pay for Well-made Movies

September 12, 2017  By Wang Pinzhi, Wang Xin  Editor: Alice Shang

Some 86 percent of viewers in China are willing to pay to see movies if they are well made, according to a recent survey by China Youth Daily.

Organizers collected 2,001 responses, of which 46.5 percent said they think there are plenty of noteworthy domestic films at the moment.

As for what makes a good movie, around 76 percent said the star's performance was important, compared with professionalism of the production team (62.7 percent), a well-written screenplay (44.7 percent) and artistic merit (29 percent).

Some 86.1 percent said they are confident that there will still be a good market for well-made movies in the future.

One respondent said that the popularity of the recent film Wolf Warriors II demonstrates that Chinese audiences care more about quality than simply following the main celebrity actors.

The big-screen hit directed by Wu Jing has earned more than 5 billion yuan (U.S.$ 746 million) at the box office in less than a month.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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