Survey: Most College Students Cautious about Modern Day Distractions

February 12, 2018  By Jia Zhiqiang  Editor: Liu Yang

A latest survey has found that 57.5 percent of Chinese college students are weary of new trends such as instant loans, competitive gaming and live-video streaming, which may test their skills in self-control. In comparison, only 6 percent are enthusiastic about these readily available modern day distractions.

The report was released by China University Media Union (CUMU), which surveyed 536 college students from 134 universities across the country. According to the results, such services have enjoyed popularity among undergraduates since they were introduced, but they may have all adversely affected academic studies.

Some students turn to online loans if they go over their monthly budget as given to them by parents. The controversial industry has been known for its accessibility, simplicity and low barrier for entry, as some loans are often granted on the same day of application.

Meanwhile, youngsters have been inclined to participate in e-sports and live-video streaming to enrich their daily lives and strengthen their relationships with friends who share common interests.

Although 30.5 percent of those polled see e-finance products as a positive trend, 40 percent take a skeptical view of them on the grounds that people can be easily lured to habitually engage in excessive consumption and will later have difficulties making repayments.

Many college instructors and counselors have advised students to improve their self-control and take a measured judgment toward new trends. Some have also suggested that students could potentially learn new skills and find their true callings from such trends.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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