Survey: Young Women Prefer to Have Independent Characters

April 9, 2018  Editor: Su Yilin

A recent survey has indicated that, among women under 23, some 58 percent want to be economically independent and 19 percent want to have an independent and noteworthy character.

Li Tao, a PhD of psychology at the University of Chicago, says that from a sociological point of view, the phenomenon is closely related to feminism, whilst from a psychological perspective it reflects a normative social influence.

Zhang Denghao, associate professor at Renmin University of China, said physiological inheritance, personalities, social and cultural environments can all determine gender role orientations.

Most women who took part in the survey said that they preferred to be women with independent characteristics.

A student of Chinese at Peking University, said she hopes to support her partner both in life and in spirit, and educate and respect her children.

Another student at Sun Yet-sun University said career-oriented women have more opportunities to learn new things, so they can better communicate and understand with their spouses.

Meanwhile, others appreciate family-oriented women with traditional virtues.

A young woman participating in the survey said she wants to be an understanding wife and loving mother, which is in correspondence to many men's ideal partner.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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