85% of Chinese Requested to Share Messages on Social Network Platforms

May 30, 2018  Editor: Su Yilin

A total of 85 percent of 2002 respondents have been asked by their friends and families to share messages on social network platforms, according to a survey released by China Youth Daily Tuesday.

The survey said 57 percent of the requests were for clicking "like" and 58.4 percent for helping to bargain, among others such as joining groups, making positive comments and sharing job information, discounts as well as advertisements.

The respondents' reactions varied. Of them, 39.1 percent shared the messages immediately, and 33 percent shared with certain chat groups; 25 percent totally ignored them, while 7.3 percent blocked those who made such requests. A sensible 37.8 percent believed it depended upon the situation.

One respondent, Zheng Jia, said she has often received requests such as "please click 'like' for me" or, "those who haven't helped me to bargain, please do it now."

"When I see the chat windows filled with such requests, I usually ignore them, with a bit of embarrassment," she added.

The survey also revealed that 45.3 percent of the respondents faced with these requests felt they were completely normal, while 40.1 percent saw them as harassment. The rest remained neutral.

"More often than not, these requests are merely marketing tricks at the price of customer's personal information. It is quite irresponsible to share them on social network platforms recklessly," another respondent Sun Fang said.

(Source: Xinhua)

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