Backup from Tibetan 'Trio Sisters'

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
My name is Cirenquzhen. I live in a village in Tibet, and my hometown is near a border area.


Editor's Note: During the 1980s, three women — Cirenquzhen, Deji and Puci — in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region started their long hike to deliver vegetables and daily goods to soldiers, who were serving at a sentry post on a snow-covered mountain. Each time, the "trio sisters" carried a combined 20-plus kilograms of vegetables and goods, and they walked nine hours to reach the post. The three Tibetan women have persisted in supporting the soldiers at the post for more than three decades. Last year, Cirenquzhen's family was named a National Most Beautiful Family.

I was born in 1954, when soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) came to protect the border area.


When I was a child, I often heard villagers say the PLA soldiers helped us build roads and houses.


Since I have grown up, I have witnessed how soldiers have endured hardships to protect border area. I have high respect for them.


Zhanniangshe is a sentry post situated 4,655 meters above sea level. Soldiers there rely on supplies to live through the snowy winter.


In 1982, two sisters, from my village, and I started hiking to take vegetables, letters and other supplies to soldiers at Zhanniangshe sentry post.


We took to the soldiers the vegetables we had harvested at our homes.


We have persisted in taking supplies to the soldiers during the following 30-plus years.


My husband supports me as well. My family is grateful for our Party and our nation.


Now, living conditions at the post are better. I still visit soldiers there sometimes.


The PLA soldiers safeguard our motherland. We should care for them, the way we do for our families.


(Women of China English Monthly April 2020 issue)

May 14, 2020