A Family Dreaming High

Editor :Ye Shan and Lei Yang
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Meng Jianxin is a senior technician with COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC). He is deputy director of the C919 Business Department and deputy director of the General Assembly Workshop of SAMC. He has been in the business since 1980.

Says Meng: "You cannot do a technical job well without ingenuity and persistence. Once you choose to do the job, you should do your best." Meng's family, a recipient of the National Most Beautiful Family award, has made its contribution to China's cause of large passenger aircrafts manufacturing.

I am Meng Jianxin, a senior technician with SAMC.


I witnessed the maiden flights of four domestically made aircraft in China.


My daughter, then 5, was excited when I took her to see an aircraft in 1991.


After she graduated from college, my daughter, Meng Wenyan, also joined SAMC.


She married her husband, Li Bomin, who works in the same company.


My grandson, Li Mengchen, has become an enthusiast of aircraft.


Mengchen often tells his friends that his grandfather and parents have worked in the field of passenger-jet manufacturing.


The boy may one day become the third-generation aircraft maker in our family.


The dream of our family is to make more contributions to the development of China's large-passenger aircraft.


(Source: Women of China English Monthly March 2020 issue))

June 10, 2020