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My father, Yang Songlin, is a primary school principal. He has worked in the field of education for three decades.


Editor's Note: Yang Songlin and his family live in Central China's Hunan Province. The family believes "books represent the most beautiful world." Each member of Yang's family likes to read. They share with each other what they have learned from books. The family donates books to the community so other residents can read the books. Yang's family hopes to "sow a seed of happiness" — through reading — for other families.

Our family has Songlin Bookhouse, in which we keep more than 8,000 books.


To inspire children to develop an interest in reading, my father created a recommendation booklist.


My father led our family for three months as we selected books to place on the list.


My father visited children's families and their teachers to listen to their opinions.


We released a list of 120 classic books suitable for children between the ages of 6-8 to read. We also recommended 40 child literature writers, known at home and abroad.


My father promotes the recommendation list at reading events held in communities, kindergartens and libraries.


We organize family reading salons, and we donate some of the books that we collect.


We donate books to children every year. We write messages to children who will receive the books, and we wrap the books with ribbons. We also give bookmarks as gifts.


We believe books represent the most beautiful world. Our family hopes to inherit culture and promote wonderful things through reading.


(Source: Women of China English Monthly Jnue 2020 issue)

July 14, 2020