Teaching Deep in the Mountain

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
My mother is a teacher dedicated to educating the students, who live deep in the mountains.


Yao Qingyue teaches at Xizhuanghe Primary School, in Xixia County, in Nanyang, a city in Central China's Henan Province. The school, located deep in a mountain, is more than 1,300 meters above sea level. "My hometown is in this place. The dreams of all of my fellow villagers start in this school," Yao says. Yao began teaching at Xizhuanghe Primary School in 1986. By 2003, she was the only teacher to stay deep in the mountain and continue teaching the students. Her husband, Zhen Hai, moved to the school, so he could live with her, and also help her take care of the students. The couple's family was named a National Most Beautiful Family in 2019.

My mother has stayed at the primary school, deep in the mountain, to teach her students for more than 30 years.


In addition to teaching classes, she also cooks for her students. She buys stationary supplies and medicines, and she looks after her students as if they were her own children.


Once, my mother broke her right leg. She left the hospital a mere week after her surgery. She sat on a sofa and used a small blackboard to continue teaching.


Given her dedication to education in the countryside, she has received many awards.


In our small village, which has 400-plus residents, my mother has helped dozens of students enter a college.


To support my mother's work, my father quit his job in the town. He moved to the school in 2003, and he became the school's full-time repairman, cleaner and driver. 


My parents set a good example for me and my sister.


Influenced by our parents, my sister chose to become a teacher after she graduated from college. She hopes to help develop education in rural areas.


I have learned to be selfless from my parents. I want to make my own contribution to society after I grow up.


(Source: Women of China English Monthly September 2020 issue)

October 30, 2020