Herdsman's Family Creates Wealth Through Tourism Business

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
My family lives on vast grasslands, where I have been growing up with the companionship of horses and sheep.


Baiyinnao'ergacha is a village, with vast grasslands, in Ulanqab, in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. A herdsman's family — composed of a couple, Ateheng and Bayinma, and their son, Baoyinchuogela — is well known in the village. 

Bayinma moved from Erdos, a city in southwestern Inner Mongolia, to Baiyinnao'ergacha in 2005, after she married Ateheng. At that time, her in-laws were raising cattle and dozens of sheep on a pasture, on a poor grassland. Bayinma was determined to help her family, and other herdsmen, live better lives. She established a tourism spot, entitled "A Herdsman Family's Tour," and she has since encouraged many residents to create wealth by developing the tourism sector. "I may not change others' lives, but I can set an example to help them," She says. Bayinma and her family have indeed set a good example for others, simply by striving for a better life through hard work. The family was named a National Most Beautiful Family in 2019.

From generation to generation, residents in my hometown have lived a tranquil life on the pastures.


My mother moved to my father's hometown 15 years ago. Since then, she has brought a big change to the family.


With support from my father and other relatives, my mother started a family run tourism business.


My mother treats every tourist with honesty and good services. My family's business has continually grown better and better.


Many residents in my hometown have joined in the booming tourism business.


My mother has encouraged other herdsmen to create wealth by working diligently.


During the fight against novel coronavirus disease this year, my family cooked food for people working on the front line of disease prevention and containment.


My mother brought home-cooked food, to express our gratitude, to anti-epidemic workers.


I will study hard and help build my hometown into a more beautiful pasturing village.


(Source: Women of China English Monthly October 2020 issue)


December 11, 2020