'New Professional Farmer' Continues Family's Fish-Breeding Business

Editor :Ye Shan
Source :Women of China English Monthly
My name is Lin Jun. Villagers from my hometown call me a "new professional farmer" born after 1990. This photo, taken during my college graduation, includes my parents and my younger brother, Lin Jie (L).


Mo Yuting and her husband, Lin Hua, live in Datang, a town in Sanshui District, in Foshan, a city in South China's Guangdong Province. The diligent couple is known for their well-developed, fish-breeding business. They have helped farmers in Datang find jobs and increase their incomes. Their eldest son, Lin Jun, has become what they call a "new professional farmer." Lin Jun returned to his hometown after he graduated from college. He has since contributed to the development of agricultural production in Datang.

Influenced by my parents, I have developed an interest in agriculture.


My parents used to make a living by fishing and selling fish.


To improve our life, my parents contracted ponds to breed fish, and they started our family's business.


After more than 20 years of hard work, my parents have expanded the fields, on which they built fish ponds, to more than 1,000 mu (66.67 hectares).


My family has established a cooperative and a company, both of which help other villagers to earn incomes through fish breeding.


My mother often gives free fish fries to women from impoverished families. She teaches them how to build a pond and fish breeding techniques.


I began studying aquaculture and fish-breeding techniques when I was in college. I was determined to work in my hometown after I graduated.


I am responsible for a "CPC (Communist Party of China) member's innovative trial field," on which I help local farmers improve agricultural production.


"We cannot be truly wealthy unless we help everyone in our hometown live a richer life." This is something I have learned from my mother, who is happy to lend others a helping hand.


(Women of China English Monthly November 2020 issue)

March 11, 2021