Departments, Organizations Care for Children

 February 11, 2024
Departments, Organizations Care for Children


The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and China's Supreme People's Court, and 13 other departments, recently issued a notice urging relevant departments and organizations (across the country) to implement the Campaign of "Bringing Love to the Children." 


The campaign encouraged various organizations and volunteers (across the country) to help and care for children, so the children could enjoy a wonderful winter vacation. 

The notice indicated relevant departments and organizations should conduct various activities to help children deepen their love for both family and country, and better understand the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. 

The notice also indicated the departments and organizations should provide courses (to children and/or their parents), to help the children better manage their time, cultivate healthy hobbies, use the Internet rationally, and prevent respiratory diseases. 

In addition, the notice suggested, to enrich the children's lives, the departments and organizations should hold various parent-child activities, including reading, sports- and labor-education activities, and activities to help increase children's scientific knowledge. 

The notice also urged relevant departments and organizations to conduct various activities to help children better protect their safety. Children should be taught how to avoid various dangers, including frostbite, falls, fire, traffic accidents, and burns. Children should also be taught how to avoid putting themselves in danger, and how to respond when they face the above-mentioned dangers. 

The notice stressed the departments and organizations should organize volunteers (including university students and warmhearted women, from all walks of life, who act as the children's "agent mothers") to help and care for children (and their families) in disaster-afflicted areas, disadvantaged children, migrant children and children whose parents have left home to work elsewhere. The volunteers should visit the children's families, provide companionship and academic instruction to the children, and/or offer courses to help parents better care for their children.


(Women of China English Monthly February 2024)


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