Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

ByWang Yin November 10, 2023

Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

Liu Kun is a member of the 10th team of cadres dispatched from Beijing to work in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Between September 2020 and July this year, Liu worked diligently, and he shouldered his responsibilities, as he helped with urban planning and construction in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang. Liu's wife, Chen Yanjun, stayed in Beijing and took care of their family while Liu worked thousands of miles from home. Liu and Chen are honest and selfless. Their family was selected a National Most Beautiful Family in May.

Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

Urban-Planning Efforts

Liu works with the detailed planning department of the Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design. In September 2020, he answered the call to join the 10th group of cadres dispatched from Beijing. During the past three years, Liu served as an assistant chief engineer at Urumqi's Institute of City Planning and Design. 

In Urumqi, Liu inherited his predecessors' hardworking spirit, and he put into practice the work experiences he had accumulated in Beijing. He participated in the planning of many programs, which won awards at the national or regional level. 

"Cai Meiquan, a former chief engineer with our institute, has had a deep influence upon me. Engineer Cai worked in Xinjiang for more than five decades. He has made tremendous contributions to the urban planning of Urumqi. His rigorous working attitude has inspired me continuously. Many of our programs have been designed based on the comprehensive blueprints drawn previously by Cai," Liu explains.

Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

'Red Genes' from Family

Liu Kun's grandfather, Liu Zhicheng, was a soldier of the Red Army during the revolution. Liu Zhicheng twice received the second-class merit award for his courageous contributions while serving in the army.

Liu Kun says his grandfather's hardworking and thrifty lifestyle evolved into precious "red genes," which he and his family inherited from his grandfather. 

While he was a student at Tsinghua University, Liu Kun participated in several supportive education programs launched in Quyang County (in North China's Hebei Province), Guxian County (in North China's Shanxi Province), and Huangzhong District, in Xining (capital of Northwest China's Qinghai Province). 

He has also participated in reconstruction planning in quake-stricken areas in Wenchuan (in Southwest China's Sichuan Province) and Yushu (in Qinghai Province). 

While working in Xinjiang, Liu Kun often communicated with local Uygurs, and he helped them solve various difficulties in their work, lives and children's education. He also helped the residents learn the country's policies related to Xinjiang and ethnic groups' affairs. 

Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

Pull Together

Liu Kun and Chen were schoolmates at Tsinghua University. Chen is currently a senior researcher with China Mobile. She has participated in several major scientific-research programs. She is normally busy with her work, and she often needs to work late at night. 

When she learned her husband was going to work in Xinjiang, she worried about their daughter, who was 5. Chen was not sure if she would have enough time to look after their child on her own. But, luckily, both of the couple's parents supported Liu Kun's decision to work in Xinjiang. 

Liu Kun recalls that his parents said they were in good health, so they could help take care of the family. His parents-in-law also told him, "Go ahead, and cherish such a good opportunity." His whole family backed him up during the three years he dedicated himself to working in Xinjiang. 

Helping Build a Beautiful Xinjiang

After Liu Kun relocated to Xinjiang, he stayed in touch with his family via WeChat and phone calls. He said video chatting was a convenient way to keep in touch. 

"When facing a difficulty, the two of us must help, understand and respect each other, so we can go through it together. If we deal with problems well, we will maintain a harmonious relationship within our family," Chen says. 

She tells her daughter stories about the history and culture of Xinjiang, and the significance of the region to the security and stability of China. 

Liu Kun completed his work mission in July, and he returned to Beijing to reunite with his family. Given three years of hard work, the Beijing-based family has made their contributions to the building of a beautiful Xinjiang. 


Source: The Department of Family and Children's Affairs of the All-China Women's Federation 

Photos Supplied by Interviewees 

(Women of China English Monthly October 2023 issue)


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