A Couple's Efforts to Conduct Patriotic Education Among Children

ByXie Lin December 12, 2023

Wang Yang is head of Dalian Little National Defense Reporters' Group, in Dalian, a city in northeast China's Liaoning Province. The group's purpose is to provide patriotic education and military-style training to teenagers. During the past five years, Wang Yang and his wife, Wang Luoluo, have conducted various education programs to promote revolutionary traditions among teenagers.

"I am a small wave, jumping in the embrace of the Yellow Sea; I am a beam of colorful light, flashing in the eyes of children; I am a spring bud, growing in the season of hope; I am a red star, shining in the sky of the history." Those lyrics are from A Single Spark, the song of the little reporters' group.

Wang Yang and Wang Luoluo wrote the song. Wang Yang has received several awards in recognition of his efforts to raise the intellectual and moral standards of teenagers. Wang Luoluo is a medical worker, with a hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), and a national psychological counsellor. The couple has conducted various education programs to promote revolutionary traditions among teenagers in recent years. In May, Wang Yang's family was selected a National Most Beautiful Family.

Inherit Revolutionary Traditions

Wang Yang's father was a teacher at a military academy before his retirement. Wang Luoluo's grandparents joined the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the War of Liberation, and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. Wang Yang and Wang Luoluo have inherited the revolutionary traditions of their families, and they deeply love the Party (Communist Party of China), the country and the military. They have dedicated themselves to passing down revolutionary traditions to future generations.

The couple established the little reporters' group in 2018, to promote major national policies and to conduct military-style training among teenagers. Wang Luoluo referred to the rules and regulations of the Chinese PLA when she formulated regulations for the group. She also integrated national defense education and military-style training into the group's activities. During the past five years, she and Wang Yang have organized colorful activities for teenagers, to promote traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, to promote the history and culture of the cities in Liaoning, and to tell the stories of the Party, the country and role-model families.

One day, in 2019, the couple visited the site where Chinese People's Volunteers crossed Yalu River, in 1950, to fight US aggression and aid Korea. As Wang Luoluo enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding the river and nearby mountains, she recalled the description of her grandparents about how they crossed the river and arrived at the battlefield. Wang Luoluo wrote down her feelings at that time. Later, she and Wang Yang revised the words into the lyrics that became the group's song.

"We are little national defense reporters. We gain knowledge from social practice, and we gain energy from the history of our hometown. We are a reserve force of national defense, striving for the revitalization of northeast China, and building a solid foundation for the prosperity of our motherland ..." The little reporters regard those lyrics as their vows to their motherland.

As a psychological counsellor, Wang Luoluo provides free psychological counseling — in family education, parent-child relationships and adolescent education — to little reporters and their parents. Considering that fathers play an irreplaceable role in family education, but many fathers have little time with their children, Wang Luoluo calls on parents, especially fathers, to participate in the group's activities. The couple sets up outstanding parent awards, to encourage parents to participate in activities with their children, and to create a good family atmosphere for their children. 

Inspired by Revolutionary Spirit

Wang Yang and little reporters attended a lecture on patriotic education, given by Liu Yuping, son of Liu Guangdian (1922-1959), a revolutionary martyr, in March this year. Liu Guangdian made great contributions to China's revolution. His heroic deeds deeply touched Wang Yang and the little reporters. Liu Yuping formally authorized Wang Yang to name the group after Liu Guangdian this May. Since then, the group has been called Guangdian Little Revolutionary Reporters' Group.

The little reporters on May 10, 2023, participated in an activity to promote good family education and family traditions. The event was hosted by Dalian Women's Federation. During the activity, the little reporters performed Dialogue Across Time and Space, a short play they created. The thread that ran through the play was the story of Liu Guangdian's family, and the thread connected the group's important social-practice activities throughout the years. The audience applauded their performance. 

The little reporters have visited Tian'anmen Square, the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution (in Beijing), the September 18th Historical Museum (in Shenyang, Liaoning), the Liaoshen Campaign Memorial (in Jinzhou, Liaoning), and the Memorial Hall of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (in Dandong, Liaoning), to receive patriotic education. To date, the little reporters have visited more than 660 revolutionary sites or relics related to Party history and the history of cities in Liaoning.

"Although the heroes died, their revolutionary spirit of defending the motherland has been passed down to us. Their spirit will inspire us to devote our heart and soul to the construction of the motherland," says little reporter Liu Yuxi.

Wang Yang and Wang Luoluo believe the history of the Party and the country is an indispensable text for teenagers. 


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(Women of China English Monthly September 2023 issue)


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