Selfless Dedication — from Generation to Generation

ByWang Yin January 28, 2024


Kang Xiubing is from a family that has been passing on virtues from the generation of his grandfather. Kang's family shows its loyalty to the Party (Communist Party of China), and each member emphasizes the importance of selfless dedication and filial piety. From generation to generation, they have continuously inherited "red stories." Now, under the influence of Kang, his family members are showing their love for the motherland, and for their family, in the new era.

Family's Role Model

Kang's family has a "red" history. Kang Zhengfa, Kang Xiubing's grandfather, was a soldier of the northeast united army against Japanese aggression. Kang Zhengfa sacrificed his life during the revolution, at 33. The young man showed his loyalty to, and faithful belief in, the Communist Party of China (CPC). He supported the people's fight for liberation and national independence, in northeast China, during the revolutionary years.

Kang Dezhi, Kang Xiubing's father, often told stories about the older generations of his family to his children, while urging them to love the Party, the country and their family. "Countless revolutionary martyrs, like my grandfather, sacrificed their lives as they fought for the peace and happiness we are enjoying today. I must cherish what we have now," Kang Xiubing says.

Influenced by his family's history, especially by his grandfather, Kang Xiubing joined the army in 1986. During the more than 20 years he served in the army, Kang Xiubing never feared to go through hardships and various difficulties; instead, he showed his courage as he fulfilled missions and dedicated himself to practicing a positive life attitude. He received a thirdclass merit award, and he joined the CPC. 

After he retired from the army, Kang Xiubing relocated to work in Benxi, a city in northeast China's Liaoning Province. Although he left the army almost 15 years ago, he believes he was born to be a soldier. "Whenever my motherland and the people need me, I will not hesitate at all, and I will do my best to fight on the frontline, and strive to be a pioneer," Kang Xiubing says. He has obtained the strength by learning from his grandfather, the older-generation role model of his family. 

Teaching Virtues to Children

Kang Xiubing's hometown is in Tangyuan, a county in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. His parents have taught Kang Xiubing and his siblings the importance of living a thrifty life. "When I was young, my parents often reminded me and my siblings that we should not leave food when we had a meal. It was not easy for farmers to grow crops. My family has cultivated the good habit of never wasting any food," Kang Xiubing explains.

What's more, he has learned from his parents to show filial piety to the elderly, and to be friendly with neighbors. "My parents are always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. They have won respect and a good reputation in our neighborhood. They practice good deeds, to set a good example for us. In this way, they have laid a solid foundation for the younger generations of our family to carry on our family's virtues," Kang Xiubing adds. 


Kang Xiubing married Jian Cai in 1993. The couple treats their extended family with warmth and love. They teach their son, Kang Tianshi, to be an honest person. They do their best to pass positive energy to him. They are glad their son has grown up in a happy and comfortable family atmosphere. 

In 2008, when Wenchuan, in southwest China's Sichuan Province, was ravaged by a magnitude-8 earthquake, Kang Xiubing donated one month of his regular income. He also donated his blood to support medical services provided in the quake-stricken areas. 

"As a Party member, and as a retired soldier, I believe the best ‘award' for me is the people's approval, praise and gratitude for my kind deeds," Kang Xiubing says. 

Since he began working in Benxi, Kang Xiubing and Jian have worked, hand-in-hand, as they have offered help to people in need. For example, the couple has used a portion of their monthly income to help a child complete a college education. (Both of the child's parents have suffered from severe diseases.) 

"With great support from my wife and son, my family is able to help those who are in difficulties. We help give them the strength to move on," Kang Xiubing says. 

Kang Xiubing's family was selected a National Most Beautiful Family in 2023. The family acts as a model in the building of family, family education and virtues.


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(Women of China English Monthly January 2024 issue)


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