Getting Rich Through Hard Work

ByFan Wenjun June 25, 2021
Getting Rich Through Hard Work
Niji Lamu in her store [Xinhua]


Niji Lamu is a resident of Dianjiao, a village in Gar, a county in Ngari Prefecture, in western Tibet. In 1997, a traffic accident left her crippled. With hard work, the strong-willed disabled woman has led her family out of poverty, and she has realized her own potential — and value. In 2018, Niji Lamu was named one of the skilled producers in Tibet's battle against poverty.

"At that time, our family was heavily in debt, as my mother had borrowed money from her relatives and friends, to cover the costs of my medical treatments. Since my father died when I was a little girl, Mom and I depended on each other for survival … As I was aware that Mom bore the heavy economic burden of raising me, I decided to give up the opportunity to sit for China's university-entrance examination in 2008," recalls Niji Lamu.

Given her mother's meticulous care, Niji Lamu got better several years later. "As I was pleased that I could walk without holding a crutch, I received a heavy blow — due to her constant overwork, Mom fell ill and died," recalls Niji Lamu.

During a visit with Niji Lamu one day in 2012, a cadre with Gar Women's Federation explained (to the young woman) China's poverty-alleviation policies. The cadre encouraged Niji Lamu to escape poverty through hard work. With the federation's help, Niji Lamu received financial support (from a local bank), through a small loan, to help her establish a small store and a teahouse in her courtyard.

As she lacked business experience, she had a hard time managing her store. However, things took a turn for the better in 2015, after Gar's branch of the Agricultural Bank of China provided Niji Lamu with some financial aid. Given her and her employees' efforts to improve their service, the store has boomed during the past few years. Within a short time after she paid off her debt, Niji Lamu moved, with many residents, into a new residential zone (in Gar).

In 2016, Niji Lamu rebuilt the store into a mini-supermarket. Her husband had left home to work elsewhere. The following year, their family shook off poverty. Niji Lamu realized the marked improvements in their lives was largely the result of the implementation of the nation's poverty-alleviation policies. She vowed to follow the Party's leadership, and to make greater contributions to the building of a moderately prosperous society, and to the nation's rejuvenation.

Niji Lamu is grateful to the frontier guards, who often visit her store. To repay the guards for the care and assistance she has received, Niji Lamu has cooked for them.

Niji Lamu's heart is filled with delight, as her family has been living a happy, prosperous life. "Now, all of the residents can use safe running water, and our village has access to electricity and bus service and cable television networks. Our village also has a square, a clinic and a basketball court," says Niji Lamu. She is confident about her future.


(Women of China English Monthly May 2021 issue)


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