Proud to Witness China's Development

 December 30, 2023

Proud to Witness China's Development

Tina, who is half Chinese and half Russian, has been living in Beijing since she was 5 years old. She speaks fluent Chinese, Russian and English. She began performing crosstalk in China with renowned crosstalk performer Yan Jiabao after she met him in 2014.

Crosstalk is a traditional form of comic dialogue, usually performed by two people, but sometimes by one person or even a group of people. Tina combines the Chinese and Western cultures in her performances, which allows her audiences to experience the collision, and integration, of different cultures.

Tina, a graduate of broadcasting from Beijing-based Communication University of China, has also hosted many galas and TV shows.

"Beijing is home to me. The city is inclusive and diverse, and it is full of elegance and vitality," Tina says. She is amazed by the changes and development of Beijing during the past two decades, as China has deepened its reform and promoted its high-standard opening up.

"Beijing's skyline has been transformed with the construction of numerous modern skyscrapers and architectural landmarks. The city has expanded and improved its transportation infrastructure, including the development of new subway lines, highways, and airports. In my memory, when I was a child, going to the Fifth Ring Road always felt very far. However, now my daily commute takes me from the Third Ring Road to the Fifth Ring Road, and it doesn't seem far at all, because the areas around the Fifth Ring Road have also developed considerably," Tina says. 

Proud to Witness China's Development

She believes the most significant influence of the reform and opening up has been on China's economy. "The shift from a centrally planned to a market-oriented economy has resulted in rapid economic growth. The policy has also brought about cultural exchanges and exposure to the outside world. Chinese society has undergone significant changes, including urbanization, improved education, and a rise in living standards," she says.

China's economic rise has also had a global impact, she adds, as it has contributed significantly to global economic growth. In addition, she notes, China has become a major player in international trade, creating new opportunities for businesses worldwide.

Tina believes development of science and technology has changed people's way of life in China. "Tech has gone big-time in China, making life way easier. Everybody has smartphones, the Internet is everywhere, and we are all using electronic payment. It's like a tech paradise, where getting information, chatting, and shopping is a breeze," Tina says. "Food habits are getting a facelift, too. With cities growing and living standards upping their game, we are more into balanced meals now. Plus, there's a buffet of choices, from local to international grub. It's a foodie's dream come true," she adds.

Tina believes it is important to promote cultural exchanges, and mutual learning, between different civilizations. "Increased cultural exchanges have led to a better understanding of China internationally, fostering global cultural diversity. I hope we can see more top-notch foreign plays and art exhibitions in China, exposing the younger generation to quality international works. At the same time, I hope our talented comedians will get more chances abroad, showcasing their skills and that unique Chinese humor. Let's show the world that Chinese comedy can totally vibe with the global scene," she says, with confidence.

"I hope China's future will have a stronger say on the world stage, with a more prominent leadership role, and the ability to influence the global economy. I want more Chinese to feel proud, and I hope people from other countries will respect, and embrace, Chinese culture," Tina says.


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(Women of China English Monthly December 2023 issue)


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