Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside

ByXie Lin October 25, 2023

China's Rural Revitalization Strategy has offered a broad stage, on which young people can strive and create a promising future in the countryside.

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside
Jiang Lijuan (left) and Chen Yujia [Women of China/Zhang Jiamin]

In recent years, many young Chinese have returned to their hometowns to promote rural revitalization, and to lead locals in striving for better lives. These young people are dream-chasing trailblazers in rural areas — in the new era. They have created their own businesses in their hometowns, and they have made their dreams come true. Jiang Lijuan and Chen Yujia are two of those young Chinese. 

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside


Jiang is secretary of the general Party branch, village committee director and women's federation president of Xiajiang, a village in Chun'an, a county in East China's Zhejiang Province. 

"I am a native of Xiajiang. Studying hard and walking out of the village was my dream when I was a student. After my graduation from university, I became a white-collar worker, embracing an urban life. But I always kept my hometown in mind. So, I returned to Xiajiang and opened a family hotel. I feel a strong sense of happiness as I accompany and take good care of my family while working in my hometown," Jiang says.

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside


Since witnessing Jiang's prosperous business, many of the villagers have followed in her footsteps, and played their parts in developing rural tourism. Jiang has offered concrete guidance to the villagers, and she has helped them attain a sense of happiness as they have worked together to develop their village.

Given their concerted efforts, Xiajiang was named a national beautiful and leisure village in 2018.

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside

In recognition of her efforts, Jiang was elected a delegate to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and also a delegate to the 13th National Women's Congress of China.

"Xiajiang is the place where our dream begins. With a grateful heart, a striving spirit and solid work, I will do my utmost to build a beautiful countryside, and to create a charming landscape. I hope I can tell the story of Xiajiang Village well, and help more young people understand the vast countryside has fertile ground for entrepreneurship, and they can pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in rural areas," Jiang says.

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside

Chen, meanwhile, is sales manager at Xuanwu Lake Rice Professional Cooperative, in Ning'an, a city in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

"I was born in Shangguandi, a village in Ning'an. I have a deep affection for this black-soil land. When I was young, I watched my mother work hard in the fields, and I realized that being a farmer required a lot of hard work. I became a teacher after my graduation from university. When I found the high-quality rice in my hometown could not sell at a good price, I decided to resign and return to my hometown to help the villagers sell rice," Chen says.

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside

"I have worked hard, and I have adopted creative measures to promote and sell our rice. For example, we organized an online harvest festival, on livestreaming platforms, to increase the reputation of our rice. With the support of local women's federations, I have participated in a women's food production and conservation campaign, and I have lead local women in advancing rural revitalization," Chen adds.

Shangguandi has become one of the top 10 beautiful villages of China. Chen has been named a National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter and a National Most Beautiful Woman Striver. 

Delegates Realize Dreams in Countryside

"As a delegate to the 13th National Women's Congress, I will lead our villagers in developing the rice and tourism industries, and I will also lead women in fully advancing rural revitalization, and in realizing our value in life," Chen says.

Photos Supplied by Zhejiang Women's Federation, Heilongjiang Women's Federation and Interviewees

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