Congress Inspires Delegates; Attendees Vow to Strive for Brighter Future

 December 11, 2023
Congress Inspires Delegates; Attendees Vow to Strive for Brighter Future
[Photo by Zhang Jiamin/Women of China]

In virtual unanimity, delegates said they were fully inspired by the congress. Delegates also said they were determined to work harder, live each day to the fullest, and strive to achieve an outstanding performance in the workplace. 

The report of the congress highlighted the glorious achievements in the development of women's cause, and it drew a blueprint for a brighter future for women during the next five years.

Making New Achievements

It was noted in the report that women's federations, at all levels, should focus on high-quality development, and pool the strength and wisdom of women, from all walks of life, to secure new achievements, and to strive for the realization of Chinese modernization. 

Li Jinxia, a member of the Tianjin delegation, said she and other women in Tianjin's Wuqing District will fully leverage local geographical advantages, promote the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, showcase the unique strength of women in the implementation of rural revitalization and the popularization of fine family traditions, and raise women's and children's sense of gain, happiness and security. 

Jin Qiuming, a member of the Anhui delegation, said the report charts the right direction for the comprehensive development of women's cause. "We will give full play to the roles of the executive members of the women's federations, build a project-based work model, promote women's publicity work, and strive to make new achievements during their work," she said. 

Zhang Honghui, a member of the Jiangsu delegation, said, "We will prioritize high-quality development, give full play to women's strength in sci-tech innovation, employment and entrepreneurship, rural revitalization, and the pursuit of excellence, and we will lead and guide more women in pursuing and realizing their dreams." 

Liu Chunxiang, a member of the Jiangxi delegation, and a cadre with Ganzhou Women's Federation, said the federation will bolster the motivation and creativity of local women, and guide women in promoting the high-quality development of Jiangxi.

Unleashing Vitality

Amid the country's fast development, especially during the new era, Chinese women, from all social sectors, have exhibited their enormous creativity, and they have embarked on a new journey, with pioneering and a hard-working spirit. 

Wang Lihong, an enterprise manager and a member of the Zhejiang delegation, vowed she will follow the leadership of the CPC, and stay committed to her enterprise's high-quality development, the realization of rural revitalization, and common prosperity. She also vowed to strive to be a main force of high-quality development, and a pioneer in the pursuit of common prosperity. 

Noting women's economic and social activities are an integral component of the real economy, Ruan Jianhong, a member of the centrally administered financial institutions delegation, said, since the 18th CPC National Congress, domestic financial agencies have promoted both the fast development of universal finance and the implementation of favorable credit policies, to support the creative development of women's cause. 

She added the financial sector will continuously assist the real economy, and adhere to the new development philosophies of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, while advancing the high-quality development of women's cause. 

Li Jixia, a member of the Sichuan delegation, has been researching and developing steam-turbine generators for 25 years. She participated in the research of China's first Hualong One nuclear reactor, which helped China break the technological monopoly of foreign nuclear powers and become a "national card" of China in promoting its nuclear technologies. She vowed to expand her research scope on photothermal, garbage and biomass power generation, help enhance China's technological strength in clean energy, and contribute to the country's development of clean energy. 

Li Jing, a member of the Beijing delegation, said achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the theme of Chinese women's cause. "As vice-president of the Beijing Women's Association for Science and Technology, I will bear in mind my responsibility and mission, carry out a wide range of activities, to motivate women sci-tech workers to showcase their talents and make achievements, have a stronger sense of historical responsibility and mission, and give full play to their role in bolstering the country's technological strength," she said.

Writing a New Chapter

Liu Fang is a media worker and a member of the Hubei delegation. She vowed to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and to report more stories about women making outstanding contributions. 

Li Ming, a member of the Guizhou delegation, said she is committed to cultivating more rural women into new-type farmers in the process of rural revitalization. With the support of the Party and local governments, her tea-farming business has more than 700 people with seasonal employment. She said she is determined to unite and lead women who want to be engaged in the business. 

Jin Junhui, a member of the Hebei delegation, has invested about 60 million yuan (US $8.33 million) in the development of photovoltaic power projects. Earlier this year, she founded a new-energy vocational school, in Xingtai, in North China's Hebei Province, to cultivate professionals in the new-energy industry. "I will increase the cultural and technical competence of our employees, and I will contribute to high-quality economic and social development," she vowed. 

Li Anni, a member of the Guangxi delegation, said, "As a private entrepreneur, I am willing to be a mentor for girl college students who want to start their own businesses, share my experiences, and provide them with guidance on entrepreneurship and employment. I will take the congress as a new starting point, and I will strive for higher achievements, and write a brilliant chapter in the future." 


(Source: China Women's News / Translated by Women of China)


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